Council on Public Transportation

AASHTO Liaison
Richard Price
Associate Program Manager, Transit Policy and Technical Assistance

AASHTO’s Shared Mobility/Mobility as a Service/Mobility on Demand

Inter-Committee Working Group

Technology developments in the field of transportation is constantly evolving. With the advent of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in transportation, tremendous investments have been made in connected vehicles, self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles, micro-mobility, MaaS/MoD, drones, etc., resulting in the rapid advancements that are beginning to transform transportation.

AASHTO’s work in these emerging mobility areas does not fit neatly within one council or committee. As a result, AASHTO has formed inter-committee working groups made up of members/representatives of AASHTO’s committees/councils in four initial emerging areas, each under a sponsoring committee or council. The Council on Public Transportation will sponsor the work of the Inter-committee Working Group on Shared Mobility/Mobility as a Service (MaaS)/Mobility on Demand (MoD). Here is a list of the Working Group members.

The Working Group on Shared Mobility/MaaS/MoD is tasked with the following objectives:

  1. Provide periodic and timely synopsized information to CEOs on emerging areas
  2. Clarify issues and options for state DOTs on the emerging areas
  3. Facilitate or enable timely engagement of AASHTO/state DOTs on issues and policies

On this webpage, you will find the most current information related to the Working Group’s meetings and activities.

Working Group Meeting – April 13, 2021

Working Group Meeting – February 2, 2021

Working Group Meeting – October 8, 2020