Council on Public Transportation

AASHTO Liaison
Shayne Gill, Program Director for Multimodal Transportation


NCHRP 20-65

The AASHTO Council on Public Transportation is called upon to provide information for the establishment of policies and positions of the state transportation departments on issues associated with the nation’s transportation system. The Council needs information on a reasonably prompt basis, through a continuing research project geared to its responsibilities. AASHTO member departments require timely information regarding transit planning, operations, transit delivery, and related matters as state involvement in public transportation continues to grow.

This project comprises a program of quick-response research tasks to assist in the fulfillment of the Council on Public Transportation and AASHTO responsibilities. Research conducted responds to public transportation issues of importance to the Council, AASHTO, and state departments of transportation. For example, when any new or revised federal transportation regulations related to transit are proposed or finalized, research is typically needed to develop new methods, processes, and procedures to ensure their effective and timely implementation.

Task 72 Small System Alternative Fuel Strategies Project Description
Contractor’s final report
Assessment Tool
Task 71

Transit Network Balance; Efficiency and Equity

Project Description
Contractor’s final report
Task 70 Cross Modal Investment Project Description
Contractor’s final report
Cross Modal Funding Database
Task 69

Consolidation of Rural Transit

Project Description
Contractor’s final report
Task 66 States and Local Use of Administrative Resources Provided by the Federal Transit Administration Project Description
Task 65 Best Practices for State DOTs to Meet Rural Bus Fleet Replacement and Expansion Needs Project Description
Task 64 Health and Human Services (particularly Medicaid) Revenue as Match Project Description
Task 63 DOT Oversight of Facility Projects Project Description and Unpublished Contractor’s Final Report and Guidebook 
Task 62 The National Perspective- An Assessment of Section 5310 Program Administration Under MAP-21 Project Description
Task 61 Determine the Degree to Which JARC And New Freedom Activities are Being Continued or Initiated Under MAP-21 Project Description
Task 60 The National Mobility Management Initiative: State DOTs Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transportation Project Description,
Final Report,
Task 59 The Determination of How Federal Section 5316 Funds Were Used Under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) and The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA 21) Project Description
Task 58 Documentation of FTA Section 5310 Recipients and Projects Before the Enactment of Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Project Description
Task 57 Assessment of State DOT Transit Vehicle Procurement Models Project Description
Task 56 Best Practices in Rural Regional Mobility Project Description and Unpublished Contractor’s Final Report
Task 55 Estimating the Long Term Impacts of MAP-21 on the Nation’s Local Rural Transit Bus Infrastructure Project Description,
Final Report
Task 53 Independent Cost Estimates for Design and Construction of Rural and Small Urban Transit Facilities Project Description,
Task 52 Selected Indirect Benefits of State Investment in Public Transportation Project Description
Task 51 Approaches to Improving the Grant Approval Processes for Transit Projects Project Description
Task 50 Strategic Plan for the Standing Committee on Public Transportation Project Description
Task 49 Impact Assessment Indicators for Administration of Public Transportation Grants Project Description
Task 48 Condition of State and Federally Funded Transit Assets Project Description
Task 47 MTAP Survey Tool Used to Assess FTA Contractor Performance of State DOT Triennial and Other FTA Reviews- An Update Project Description
Task 46 Successful Methods to Acquire and Oversee the Outsourcing of Tasks and Projects Related to State DOT Management of Transit Grant Programs Project Description
Task 45 New Small Urbanized Area System: A Guidance Brief Project Description,
Final Report
Task 44 Curriculum for New State DOT Transit Grant Managers in Administering Federal and State Transit Grant Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 43 Best Practices in the Electronic Administration of Federal and State Transit Grants Project Description
Task 42 Rural Public Transportation Strategies for Responding to the Livable and Sustainable Communities Initiative Project Description, Final Report
Task 41 Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation- Ways to Improve it Project Description,
Final Report
Task 40 Construction Management Practices for Rural Projects- An Assessment Project Description
Task 39 Impacts of the New Health Care Bill on Mass Transit Project Description, Final Report
Task 38 Estimated Impact of Selected State DOT Cost Reduction Initiatives on the Administration of State Public Transportation Programs Project Description, Final Report
Task 37 Best Accounting Practices in Sub-recipient Recording and Reporting of Program Income Project Description
Task 36 Data Needs for Assessing Rural Transit Needs, Benefits, and Levels of Service Project Description, Final Report
Task 35 Development of Appropriate Tools to Evaluate the Efficiency and Effectiveness
of Selected Specialized Public Transportation Programs
Project Description
Task 34 Statewide Transit Goal Setting Project Description, Final Report
Task 33 Determination of State DOT Financial Auditing Requirements for their Public Transportation Assistance Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 32 Models to Support State-owned Park and Ride Lots and Intermodal Facilities Project Description
Task 31 Transporting Oversize Wheelchairs Project Description
Task 30 Local Practices in Developing Coordination Partnerships with Taxicab Companies Project Description
Task 29 Public Transportation Performance Measures: State of the Practice and Future Needs Project Description, Final Report
Task 28 An Analysis of Automated Transit Data Collection and Analysis Processes in State DOT Transit Units and a Toolkit for Next Generation Transit Data Analysis Project Description
Task 27 Innovative Financing Techniques and Best Practices for Providing Match on Federal Transit Administration Projects Project Description
Task 26 A Review of Human Services Transportation Plans and Grant Programs Project Description, Final Report
Task 25 Evaluate Requirements for the Utilization of Section 5311(f) Funds for Intercity Bus Service Project Description, Final Report
Task 23 Identification of State and Local Matching Fund Requirements for State Administered Federal, and Non-Federal, Public Transportation Programs Project Description, Final Report
Task 22 Cost/Benefit Analysis of Converting a Lane for Bus Rapid Transit Project Description, Final Report
Task 21 Cost/Benefit Analysis of Converting a Lane for Bus Rapid Transit Project Description,
Final Report
Task 20 Analysis of Rural Intercity Bus Strategy Project Description,
Final Report
Task 19 Utilization by States of the Flexibility to Transfer Federal Funds Among Eligible Federal Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 18 State DOT Best Practices for Developing a Title VI Civil Rights Program Document Project Description,
Final Report
Task 17 Compliance Monitoring Tools Project Description,
Final Report
Task 16 Current State Eligibility Requirements for Grantees to Qualify for Federal Section 5310 and 5311 Funds Project Description
Task 15 Updated Research Agenda for State DOT Public Transportation Divisions and NCHRP Project 20-65 Project Description
Task 14 Current Practice and Future Guidance on the Development of SAFETEA-LU -Required Coordinated Public Transit- Human Services Transportation Plan Project Description, Final Report
Task 13 State Public Transportation Division Involvement in State Emergency Planning, Response, and Recovery Project Description,
Final Report
Task 12 Cost-Allocation Methods for Commuter, Intercity, and Freight Operations on Shared-Use Rail Systems and Corridors Project Description,
Final Report
Task 11 Current State Issues with Implementing FTA Section 5310 and 5311 Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 10 FMCSA Regulations as They Apply to FTA Section 5310/5311 Providers: A Handbook Project Description,
Final Report
Task 9 Centralized Versus Decentralized State Procurement of Vehicles for the Federal Section 5310 Program Project Description,
Final Report
Task 8 Buy America Issues Associated with the State DOT Procurement of Paratransit Vehicles Using FTA Funds Project Description,
Final Report
Task 7 Evaluation of States’ Ability to Have Adequate Staff Resources to Implement Federal Public Transit Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 6 Comparative Review and Analysis of State Transit Funding Programs Project Description,
Final Report
Task 5 Transit-Oriented Development: Developing a Strategy to Measure Success Project Description
Task 4 Impacts of the U.S.’s Aging Population on Public Transit Over the Next 10 years Project Description,
Final Reportspreadsheet tool
Task 3 Availability and Accessibility of Liability and Excess Insurance for Public Transit and Private Coach Operators Project Description,
Final Report
Task 2 Toolbox for Promoting the Transit Bus Safety and Security Program in Your State: A Training Curriculum for Implementation Project Description
Task 1 Research Agenda/Potential Roles for SCOPT Project Description